Care fir JLG Jewellery

Care for your JLG Jewellery 

We recommend regular cleaning to ensure the continued brilliance of your JLG piece.

You can clean your jewellery at home by gently brushing it with a soft toothbrush and warm, soapy water (diluted Fairy Liquid is fine.) After brushing, rinse well and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.

To minimise the risk of losing a stone we recommend you regularly check your JLG piece. After cleaning, shake the piece of jewellery close to your ear, if you hear a rattle the setting of your piece may need to be tightened. If you have a claw-set piece, we recommend running a finger around your piece – a sharp edge may indicate one of the claws could be damaged.

Pearl jewellery requires slightly different care. Pearls are best worn, and their lustre will improve with skin contact. Wearing your pearls as often as possible prevents them from becoming dry and brittle. You should put on your pearls at least 20-30minutes after applying moisturisers, make up and perfume to prevent the pearls from staining. Pearls should be wiped with a clean dry cloth after wearing, and particularly before storing.

While all JLG pieces are designed to be worn regularly - please remember fine jewellery is not indestructible. 18 carat gold, Julia’s favoured metal, is a soft metal and will show wear over time if worn frequently. A sharp knock can damage any stone. (It is a common misconception that diamonds cannot be scratched or broken, this is just not true.) Please exercise caution while washing hands, gardening, cleaning, or playing sports – while being aware that bracelets and rings will naturally encounter more wear, as well as the occasional knock or bump, by nature of their location on the hand / wrist.

When your jewellery is not being worn try to store it in its case or carefully wrapped to prevent it from being scratched. If you need to transport your jewellery, make sure it is carefully protected in a case or travel pouch. Please note pearls should never be stored in plastic or air tight containers, as this can cause them to dry out, possibly causing cracking and yellowing. Pearl necklaces should always be stored lying flat as hanging will stretch the silk thread.

To ensure the longevity of your piece we would recommend an ‘MOT’ check up of your JLG piece, once every few years. Bringing your piece back to the JLG studio will enable Julia to check the piece carefully, particularly the stone settings, and to give your piece a thorough clean. Jewellery carefully looked after will last for generations.