Bespoke Jewellery

To commission a piece of jewellery is a unique experience. With 30 years’ experience as a designer, Julia has the ability to always interpret what the customer truly wants.

You begin the journey by sharing design ideas, looking at photographs and existing pieces for the first stages. How bespoke the piece is can vary. Some arrive with their own stones and ideas of how they want them, others have none. Both offer an exciting starting point. 

 Julia then draws out how the end piece will look in a hand-drawn sketch. If stones are involved she will source them and if helpful do a’ stone layout’.  Sitting down together, Julia will help you translate this into a special piece of jewellery. Often these initial design stages can take longer than the actual manufacturing especially if there is an unusual stone to be sourced, but it is always worth it to see the happy client opening their box at the end.

If you are interested in commissioning Julia to create a bespoke piece of jewellery please get in touch.

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