Preparations for Goldsmiths' Fair

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Preparations for Goldsmiths' Fair

The anticipation of hearing back from The Goldsmiths' Company after one has applied to exhibit at the Goldsmiths' fair is enormous, it is such a prestigious event. From the moment one opens the envelope in March to tell one their ‘application has been successful’ the sense of achievement soon turns into a six busy months of designing, planning, sourcing stones and making up pieces for the fair. 


There are so many stages to a finished job. Naturally the inspiration behind it, why it evolved and the physical making process. A lot of my pieces are stone based, and sometimes I can just see a stone and know exactly what I going to do with it - the stone can dictate the design.


Sketchbook ideas, and final design for a pendant featuring large Rhodolite Garnet, surrounded by emeralds, in a decorative, textured setting
The stones, with the drawings

On my workbench, ready to be set


I tend to set my Paraiba tourmaline pieces in beaten yellow gold, the effect of which is reminiscent of sand and sea. A recurring influence for me, the magic of these stones is irresistible. 


Some early ideas in my sketchbook for Paraiba Tourmaline pieces, based on the stones I have sourced this year 

Two rings, with two very different Paraiba stones, on my work bench ready to be set
 Two rings, with two very different Paraiba stones (and diamonds), on my work bench ready to be set


Once the designs are in place it is hard graft to get the pieces made in time and it’s always to the wire by the time they have been assayed, set and finished – hand polishing usually – and all estimates done, finally putting all the new work into a finished price list in time for Monday morning set up. 


Finished pieces in the studio


There is nothing else like The Goldsmiths’ Fair. It is the only one. I feel privileged to be a part of it this year and I much look forward to taking part once again.


I am exhibiting at the Goldsmiths' Fair on stand 42 during Week One 25 - 30 September 2018