Paraiba Tourmaline & Diamond Necklace

Necklace of Paraiba tourmaline & diamond set in 18ct yellow, white and green gold.

The Paraiba tourmalines are set in an alternating pattern of different coloured golds, interspersed with diamonds. 

The gemset section of the necklace is jointed, which allows beautiful movement while it is being worn. This hangs from an 18ct yellow gold spiga chain, with matching barrel clasp. 

Sourcing these Paraiba tourmalines was quite a task, as they are increasingly rare. Each year there is less material coming out of the mine. Finding the matching sizes and colours for a necklace of this type was time consuming, but worth it for the stunning effect. 

This is a truly one of a kind piece.


Total length of necklace - 18 inches 



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