Paraiba Tourmaline, Diamond and Ruby Beaten Pendant

Handmade in 18 carat gold and set with an array of precious gemstones, this one-of-a-kind pendant is a classic example of Julia's timeless design in her signature beaten finish. This distinctive texture adds a richness and warmth to the gold - a beautiful contrast to the neon glow of the stones, which have been hand sourced, selected and arranged by Julia to compliment each of their individual colours and cut. 

Some of Julia's last remaining Paraiba Tourmalines take centre stage, including a central signature Brazilian-sourced Paraiba, one of the world's most sought-after stones, now a vanishingly-rare find. These are surrounded by an array of diamonds and rubies, including an old-cut diamond, oval-cut diamond, brilliant-cut diamond and three differently shaped rubies. 

The Paraiba Tourmaline was discovered in the Brazilian state of Paraiba in the 1980s, and is among one of the world's most prized gemstones, as well as being the signature stone of Julia's work. The Brazilian mines have since been exhausted and the Paraiba Tourmaline is ever-harder to source, making this necklace a truly unique find of increasing value. 

You can find more examples of Julia's work with Paraibas in the Paraiba Tourmaline collection. 



Pendant - 22mm x 23mm


Central oval paraiba - 5.5mm x 4.5mm (0.90pts)

Smaller oval paraiba - 4mm x 3mm (0.40pts)

Small round paraiba - 1.5mm (0.10pts)


Old-cut diamond - 4mm x 3.5mm (0.25pts)

Oval diamond - 3.5mm x 3mm (0.15pts)

Brilliant-cut diamond - 2.5mm (0.10pts)


Small round ruby - 1.5mm

Larger round ruby - 3mm 

Oval ruby - 4mm x 3mm 

Rubies total 1.50pts



Item code: PBP1